Searching the Web

Google has become the default search engine for most of us. It’s easy to find just about anything you want on the net.

If you’re not using Google you’re probably doing the Bing thing from Microsoft.

Google and Bing collect the information that you put into their search engines. As we’ve seen recently that information can be collected, stored and if needed to be passed on to government authorities. If you have a Google account and you’re logged in then they’ll store that against your name. There are of course times when that’s a great idea. I know that I use my Google Search history from time to time to relocate a searched page.

All the big guys use this information to track you and serve you ads based on what you’ve been searching for.

There’s not much privacy!

DuckDuckGo doesn’t track what you do. I use it as the main search engine on my home computer. At work, I’m happy to maintain Google as my main search engine.

It’s pretty easy to give DuckDuckGo a go – just visit their website, see the link in the bottom right-hand corner, click “Add as Homepage” or “Add to Browser”

I’m not overly keen on big companies like Google or Microsoft keeping tabs on me. Here’s one way that I can cut the tracking and increase my privacy!

DuckDuckGo is also open source friendly, they’re mostly built on free and open software


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