Vine is a microblogging website that allows people to upload six second videos. A simple tool that’s available on Android and iPhones.

The ISP Tale

When your ISP doesn’t meet up to their own promises, what do you do? Spintel claim to be changing the way I connect, that’s about the only thing they got right when they decided to increase the monlty charge and lower the download limit. I changed the way I connect by going to another ISP. I’m paying more to them, but I’m paying for a great service.

Wearing an UP band

Wearing another piece of technology that may help improve not just your fitness but your sleeping patterns is the latest in wearables. I’ve bought myself an Up wrist band and its measuring a whole range of daily activities.

Watches on your wrist

There’s a watch on my wrist. It buzzes to alert me its time for my next appointment, or to show me a new tweet or an email. It’s all part of the new world where ‘wearables’ are becoming the fashion.

Fire Rescue = No God

The cry for help to a deity is surely evidence enough that there is no god. It doesn’t take much thinking to see that a god who knows everything and has a plan is a bit scant on follow through and able to change his plans on a whim.

The View From Mars

IF you could stand on Mars and look back at Earth, what would you see? What would you think?

Facebook is Dead?

The media says that experts declare that Facebook is Dead and Buried! Not quite what we said the experts respond. A story of research around some teenagers in England leads journalists to declare that a study of Europe shows that Facebook is doomed by not checking their facts and making things up! But relax, Facebook is here to stay, it’s the 2nd moste visited website in the world.

Being Anonymous on the web

You can easily cover your tracks on the Internet using a Tor Browser.

Sharks On Twitter

Using technology to help track and monitor sharks in Australia waters, but it still has it’s drawbacks.

Searching the Web

All the main search engines track what you do and where you go. Here’s an alternative search engine that you can use instead of Bing or Google