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I use OwnCloud as a replacement to DropBox and Tiny Tiny RSS as a replacement to Google Reader.  Both programs are open source, readily available for anyone to download, install and run (if you have the right hardware)

If you’re looking for an alternative to the commercial products available in a secure place on the web that is free from the prying eyes of big business, then you may like to use these products.

owncloud-logo OwnCloud:

OwnCloud is a DropBox like system that allows you to store your information on my server.  You can store up to 2 gig of dat

a.  Your files are available via a web browser or you can download a program to synchronise it with your computer.  There is an app for your Android devices too!



Tiny Tiny RSS:

An RSS feed is available on plenty of websites.  RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way to get updates from a website in an aggregated way.  I read lots of information on the web, and rather than have to visit each site, I have the new information pulled into my Tiny Tiny RSS feed and view it all in once place.  I used to use Google Reader, however, they decided to terminate that particular services.

I search around for alternative programs and couldn’t really find anything that came close to a Google reader that wasn’t either a paid subscription or had some form of advertising on it.

I then stumbled across TTRSS, installed it on my server, found it had an app for my Android devices, was easy to use via my browser.

You too can make use of TTRSS without all the set up on your own server.

There is a small cost to help offset the running of my servers, fill in the form below and we can talk!

I have several services set up on a variety of servers that I use as I move around the web.  I mostly pick web-software that is Open Source and seems to be relatively stable.

As such, I’m happy to extend the love and offer these web services to you on a small yearly fee of $20 up front or $2 a month in advance paid via PayPal.  If you’re interested then please follow the PayPal button to get it set up.

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