Have you even had a look at Vine?  It’s another microblogging site that allows its users to upload a six second video and share with the world!

I’ve been uploading and re-vining some videos, just testing to see how the tool might be useful.

Apart from another way to share the mundane day-to-day offerings of life, it also lends itself to adding value to a range of organisations trying to get a message across.

Have a look at this short one created on my phone, with me speaking.

Clearly not a world breaking strategy for creating change, but certainly shows the possibilities.  Imagine a strategy where you ask your supports to upload a short video in support of your cause.  People are creative!

I like these videos from my Vine channel:

You can download the app for your Android or iPhone.  Go, Vine!  Share with me!

Let me know what you think