Wearing an UP band

There’s a bit ojawboneupf a rage going on with new ‘wearables’ these days.  I’ve already blogged about my SmartWatch.  That spends most of it’s time on my right wrist.  Now I have a Jawbone UP on my left wrist.  I’m waiting for it to do something magical and create a new an better me, ready to face the modern world!

The blurb on the device says this:

UP helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat so you can make smarter choices. The new app displays movement and sleep details from your UP24 or UP band and delivers insights, celebrates milestones, and challenges you to make each day better. Share accomplishments with friends by teaming up in the UP App.

One of the features that I do like about it is that vibrates as an alarm.  So instead of waking up to the noise of the digital clock my UP begins to vibrate.  At first I didn’t think that would be enough to wake me, but on the very first day I thought I woke on the first shake of the new toy, sorry, device.  There is something just a little more pleasant about that.

As I always get out of bed on the first buzz I find I don’t need a snooze function, that and the claim that my UP knows when it’s best to wake me, apparently it can tell when I’m in a light sleep and it wakes me at that time, and not waiting until I’m in a deep sleep.  That means it can wake me up to 30 minutes before the time I want to get up.  I’m not so sure about that, I think an extra half hour in bed is a good idea.  But, for the sake of the trying new things I’ll give it a go.

On Tuesday it woke me 10 minutes early, Wednesday 15 minutes and Thursday 5 minutes and I seem to be ok with that.

Of course, there’s not much point in any of this if you can’t get some feedback about what’s going on.  The device plugs into my Android phone and syncs the data to give me the feedback that I clearly so desperately crave.


Daily Summary


Recent Activities


Sleep Graph


Home Page

A daily summary that tells me how many steps I’ve managed.  I’m aiming for about 10,000 steps a day.  I try to sync at least twice a day so I know where I’m up to.  The recent activities is an overall summary for the activities during the day.  The sleep graph is very interesting.  I thought I was probably getting about 8 hours sleep a day.  However, it seems I’m getting between 6 and 7 hours.  To get a full 8 hours I need to be in bed for 9 hours.  I also like that it breaks my sleep into deep and light sleep and show me how many times I woke up during the night.

It’s also vibrating every hour between 9 and 5.  I spend a lot of my day sitting at my desk staring at a screen, it’s a good reminder to get up every hour and stretch.

The band has 10 days of battery juice in it and is charged via a USB port.

So, I’m keen to see if this will change the way I move and sleep.  I think that it might just have a bit of an impact!

Let me know what you think