Fire Rescue = No God

Fire is really a very terrifying thing if you’re caught on the wrong side of it.

This construction worker manages to escape death by jumping out of the way of the fire and then onto a ladder.

It’s truly remarkable, and he’s lucky he remained calm and took the actions that he did.

It’s the follow-up interviews that I find interesting, and even the commentary of the woman who took the video.  They rely on thanking Jesus or god for how things turned out.

The worker is Curtis Reissig and he said

At that point, I said, ‘I’m going to die right here.’” he  told KTRK. ” I said, ‘God, you have to help me. You got to help me out here.’

Kim Reissig, his wife said

Thanks to god and the firefighters

The woman who took the video, Karen Jones, says

Thank Jesus, thank you god.

It’s hard to tell just how much faith the three people have and it’s possible that they think (if they stopped to think about it) their acknowledgement to their deity is nothing but meaningless words.

A small amount of thinking about this shows just how flawed it is to attribute an event to god.  As they are all Americans, I assume they are talking about the christian god. This god is supposed to know everything and he has a plan.

If that’s right, if there is a plan for your life, then no amount of praying or appealing to god to help you out is going to work.  It then doesn’t make sense to thank him for saving your life as he did no such thing.  It’s clear that you’ll die when god says so.

If the god was somehow intervening in the event and he has a plan, then what’s the point?  If he wanted to stop Curtis from being burned to death surely it would make more sense to either prevent the fire or have Curtis working on the ground floor that day.  Is it that this god will only step in at the last moment for greatest impact in your life?  If there is a plan to teach you some life lesson, but everything is already planned, what’s the point?

If by chance this god fellow can actually be swayed by your plea for help, then he’s not too good at sticking to his plan.  He would then be driven by some unseen reason to make amendments based on the cries of help, so perhaps there is no plan.  The question then arises as to why Curtis is the lucky one and why his plea is listened to.  Why would god overlook, ignore or kill someone who is probably a far better believer, far better person or a far worse person than Curtis?  Why would Curtis be the lucky one?  His death would have been quick unlike the faithful who have cancer and take years to die.  On their lips are words begging for their lives to be over and at the early stage earnest cries of their lives to be spared.

This alone is enough reason for me to know that there is no god, anywhere. Kim was part right when she thanked god and the fire-fighter, there was only one person in a position to help and he was doing his best to preserve life.

This god on the other hand seems rather slack and not paying attention.


Let me know what you think